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        xinli medical apparatus and instruments co., LTD., were invited to attend the 69th China International Medical Equipment Fair (Spring)

        2013/3/6 10:02:33


        The 69th annual China international medical equipment fair (spring) on April 17 to April 20,


        2013 in shenzhen exhibition center held, jiangmen xinli medical apparatus and instruments co.,

        LTD.,the exhibition booth number: H7 - C08, welcome to field.



        CMEF introduction:

        China international medical equipment fair (CMEF), was founded in 1979, every year the spring and autumn period and the two terms, after thirty years of continuous innovation, self-improvement, has become the asia-pacific region"s largest medical equipment and related products, service exhibition. Display content including the comprehensive coverage of medical images, in vitro diagnostic, electronic, optical, first aid, rehabilitation nursing and medical information technology outsourcing services, tens of thousands of new products, direct and comprehensive service in medical equipment industry from the source to the end the whole medical industry chain article. Each term from more than 20 countries more than 2600 medical device manufacturing enterprise and more than 100 countries and regions of 150000 government agencies purchase, hospital buyers and dealers gather in CMEF for trading, communication.


        Booth number: H7 - C08

        Hotline: 400-001-3773


        Previews:under construction